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PERMITTING simplified

The construction market is tough, securing your permit doesn’t have to be! At Triangle Permitting & Consulting, we are here to help you navigate the complicated  construction permit process. We are ready to use our decades of experience to serve people here in Wake County, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. We can simplify the permitting process, streamlining the complicated process and eliminating  unnecessary time and project delays.  


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Paperwork &

Organize and assimilate the necessary paperwork and applications required for your permit.

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Permit Submittal & Review

Permit Application Submittal and Monitor the Intake Review Process

Private Property

Review and Application Submittal for HOA and ARB documentation

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Schedule Inspections & Permit Closeouts

Schedule properly conducted trade inspections and finals to closeout the permit.

Roof Construction
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Triangle Permitting & Consulting is offering permit application completion, filing, oversight and consulting to homeowners, businesses and contractors in Raleigh, Wake County and surrounding cities and counties.  Our consulting team boasts decades of experience in the industry. We are here to maneuver the seemingly complicated permit process on your behalf.

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