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The construction market is tough, securing your permit doesn’t have to be ….

At Triangle Permitting & Consulting, we are here to help you navigate the complicated construction permit process.  We are ready to use our decades of experience to serve you.  We can simplify the permitting process, streamlining the complicated process and eliminating unnecessary time and project delays.  



Apply the knowledge, expertise and experience we have gained over decades to:

  • Streamline the permitting process

  • Save time and frustration

  • Every project is top priority.  Every customer is a priority. No matter the size or scope of project.



We have a vision to become the “go-to” source for architects, general contractors, landscapers, pool and trade contractors for all your permitting needs.  We will continue our reputation for superior customer service by delivering on commitments.  We will effectively communicate with and inform clients during the process.  We will extend ourselves to the point of exhaustion to ensure a permit process that is easy and seamless as possible.


Our Team

Our team has decades of experience consulting on projects and assisting to secure the appropriate permits for various projects.   We have each worked extensively to maneuver through the complicated web of endless bureaucracy and mounds of paperwork.  Our project review and streamlined process allows us minimize time and work more efficiently.  


Your Advocate

Our attention to detail,  project advocacy, and experience with issue resolution allows us to mitigate excessive delays, keeping the project moving through the review process, and secure the permits as quickly as possible.  


You provide us with accurate information and we will be your trusted source for permit filing.

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